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Not every business is eligible for our SEO, we select the clients we work with very carefully, and have a reasonable criteria that you must pass. As much as we’d like to help everyone who needs our services, not every business qualifies, and we choose to work with limited amount of clients, at any given time, as this ensures that we can give our customers MAXIMUM amount of attention to detail, and is how we have gone on to build a solid reputation. In order to proceed, we have a simple and reasonable criteria.

(1) We do NOT work with get rich quick schemes, adult themed material, pharmaceuticals, or start ups

(2) You MUST have an established, active, and healthy business. Meaning, you just need to be up and running already. You are already present in your market, with a consistent flow traffic and customers, and you are now looking to increase sales, and revenue, you now want to move faster.

(3) You need to have a good reputation and a good, solid product.

It can take 6-12 months to rank for a medium competitive keyword, and up to 2 years, to rank for a competitive keyword.

Simple! and that’s it, those are our requirements. If you meet our criteria stated above, and would like us to proceed with your application, so we can help you get more traffic, more customers, more sales and more revenue, fill out the application form below. Don’t worry it’s a short non intrusive form. The purpose of the form is to give us an idea on your goals, so we can understand your product,  your market, your competition, what your looking to accomplish, your unique value proposition, so this way we can tailor a plan specific to your companies goals. Your initial phone call will be around thirty to sixty minutes.

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